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We at Ansar Healthy Living are proud to position ourselves as an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of aerosol products. Ansar Healthy Living has perfected the art of manufacturing premium quality food aerosol products that meet the industry standards and are tailored to customer requirements.

All of the aerosol products that are manufactured at the FDA-approved facility of Ansar Healthy Living are also FSSAI certified so you can rest assured that the end product that you receive is of the highest quality standard. Striking a balance between offering a reasonable cost while upholding the quality of materials that are used in manufacturing is what we do best.

About Ansar

In the year 2009, the idea of creating a line of food-based aerosol products was introduced by Ansar Healthy Living in India. We tapped into the heart of a globally-acclaimed multi-billion-dollar industry that was virtually inaccessible to the Indian consumer. Beginning with the concept of providing premium quality and affordable cooking sprays to the masses, Ansar Healthy Living is now the industry leader in manufacturing whipped cream, salad dressings and a wide range of gourmet aerosol food products.

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Cooking Oil Sprays

We have sought out an alternative to cooking oils that are not only convenient in more ways than...

Salad Dressing Sprays

Healthy eating does not come with a compromise in taste when you have our collection of salad dressing...

Non-Stick Baking Spray

Whether you’re baking a batch of brownies or putting some cookies in the oven, greasing the pan is always a hassle...




There is about 1 gram of fat and 7 calories in a one second spray of the cooking oil spray. Other products are roughly equivalent. For comparison, one teaspoon of olive oil contains approximately 4.5 grams of fat and 40 calories.

Instead of buying a special popcorn oil for making homemade popcorn, just use your can of cooking spray! It makes it much easier to achieve an even coating of oil on the kernels, which is one of the keys to perfect popcorn!

The next time you go to grate cheese, coat the inside and outside with a bit of cooking spray first. The cheese will slide easily, you’ll get fewer clumps, and clean-up will be MUCH easier!

Your hands are often your best tools in the kitchen, but sometimes it turns into a sticky situation! You can make many hands-on tasks (like shaping burger patties) easier by coating your clean hands with a layer of cooking spray. No more sticking!

Coat your knife with cooking spray first! The food will slide much more easily off your knife, so you can finish faster. (This is especially helpful for sticky stuff like garlic!)