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About Ansar Healthy Living

In the year 2009, the idea of creating a line of food-based aerosol products was introduced by Ansar Healthy Living in India. We tapped into the heart of a globally-acclaimed multi-billion-dollar industry that was virtually inaccessible to the Indian consumer. Beginning with the concept of providing premium quality and affordable cooking sprays to the masses, Ansar Healthy Living is now the industry leader in manufacturing whipped cream, salad dressings and a wide range of gourmet aerosol food products.

We at Ansar Healthy Living are assessing the rapidly growing demand for food-based aerosol products that are a healthy alternative to the traditional food products. Replacing traditional food products with their aerosol counterparts is being advocated by industry leaders across the world, but the revolution had not caught up with the massive Indian consumer market until 2012 when Ansar Healthy Living introduced the very first aerosol cooking spray for the Indian market.

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Our Vision

With the staggering rise in unhealthy lifestyle conditions across the world, the focus of the public is finally shifting towards developing healthier alternatives to enjoying their favorite foods. Ansar Healthy Living hopes to take a step forward in the direction of encouraging our consumers to move away from the traditional means of cooking towards the healthier lifestyle choices, without compromising the quality or the taste of the foods they savor.

A leading problem with the food industry today remains the case of food wastage that happens largely on end of the consumers. Ansar Healthy Living thrives on creating food-grade aerosol products that substantially eliminate the problem of food wastage on a significant scale, which also drives the cost down for the retailers and helps consumers save a fair amount of money too.

Products with a short shelf life are not only a hassle to stock for the retailers but also a nuisance for the consumers to keep around the household. This is where Ansar Healthy Living hopes to bridge the gap and bring you a range of aerosol food products that meet the highest quality and taste standards, while also solving the critical problem of food wastage that is plaguing the world today.

After researching the needs of the modern-day consumer over an extended time frame, Ansar Healthy Living has crafted a line of aerosol food products that lead the industry standard. We believe in perfecting before diversifying, which is why each and every food product that Ansar Healthy Living offers today is unique in its own space.


We at Ansar Healthy Living are proud to position ourselves as an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of aerosol products. Ansar Healthy Living has perfected the art of manufacturing premium quality food aerosol products that meet the industry standards and are tailored to customer requirements.

All of the aerosol products that are manufactured at the FDA-approved facility of Ansar Healthy Living are also FSSAI certified so you can rest assured that the end product that you receive is of the highest quality standard. Striking a balance between offering a reasonable cost while upholding the quality of materials that are used in manufacturing is what we do best.

If you are planning to dive into the vast untapped market that aerosol products can fulfill in the consumers, we’re here for you to partner up and bring your vision to reality. We would be honored to help in consulting and manufacturing of aerosol products for you. Our services extend in helping you not only design products under our brand name, or we can also offer you private labeling services. We can accommodate your requirements for can sizes ranging from 50ML – 500ML. Based on your needs, the aerosol products can be manufactured in both Tin, as well as Aluminum cans.

We request you to reach out to us with your inquiries and any questions that you may have regarding the products and help us serve you with samples if the need be. You will find a list of the products attached along with this mail that Ansar Healthy Living has undertaken. We look forward to finding out more about your requirements, helping you get the best offer and establishing a beneficial relationship going forward.

Thank you for your consideration and hope to communicate with you soon with nothing less than premium quality products and timely service each and every time.


Hatim A. Zakvi


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