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Cooking Oil Sprays

We have sought out an alternative to cooking oils that are not only convenient in more ways than one, but has meaningful and long-lasting health benefits.

By generating a wide range of cooking oil sprays, we are able to offer an affordable choice to the consumer base. Our products allow you to replace your cooking oil consumption down to a fraction effectively.

Our cooking oil sprays on a unique formulation that allows us to develop products based on a diverse range of source materials. From the classic sunflower oil that you can use every day, the olive oil sprays for added health benefits, to the butter spray for some tasty goodness, our lineup offers a lot more.

This specialized formation allows us to help you design and develop a unique blend of cooking oil spray. With our expertise in developing cooking oil sprays and your idea of a flavor, you are one step away from creating a product that stands out.

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Salad Dressing Sprays

Healthy eating does not come with a compromise in taste when you have our collection of salad dressing sprays to go with it. Whether you’re looking to finish off some grilled chicken and vegetables for an aromatic burst before serving or wish to top off those salad leaves with a zest of tangy dressing that is low on calories, our salad dressing sprays can work wonders.

Our range of salad dressing sprays is either oil-based or water-based that add a natural flavor to any dish you pair it with. Designed for the consumer who wants to enjoy a relishing eating experience with none of the calories, our salad dressing sprays provide just the dash of taste needed to please your palate.

Non-Stick Baking Spray

Whether you’re baking a batch of brownies or putting some cookies in the oven, greasing the pan is always a hassle. For medium to large scale bakeries, our line of non-stick baking spray is carefully constructed to help you get dozens of trays from the batter to the oven.

Taking great care in formulating a spray with emulsifiers that make sure your baked goods never stick to the hot surface. Unlike regular non-stick agents that impart their own taste, our non-stick spray adds no sort of flavor or taste to the food products.

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